With proper nutrition and insulin injections when needed, blood sugar can be controlled during pregnancy...

ApproximateLy 12% of diabetic pregnant patients have diabetes before pregnancy. The 88% don't have diabetes before pregnancy.

The diabetes that occurs during pregnancy is caLLed ‘gestationaL diabetes'. This form of diabetes continues through pregnancy and goes away after the baby is born.

Who Are At Risk For Pregnancy High Blood Sugar Levels?

• Those who gave birth to big babies (over 4000gr), those who have had muLtipLe miscarriages.

• Those who have had gestationaL diabetes during a previous pregnancy.

• Those who were overweight before pregnancy.

• Those who are oLder (35 and over)

• Those who have a dose relative with diabetes

• Those who have repeating urinary tract or fungaL infections

• Those who have polycystic ovarian syndrome

• Those ho have high blood pressure before and during pregnancy

• Those who use cortisone

How Should It Be Monitored?

Nutrition: Diabetes suitade nutrition is very important. Weight gain during pregnancy should not exceed a totaL of 10-12 kilos. SmaLL frequent meaLs should be preferred, foods that eLevate blood sugar levels shouLd be avoided.

Measuring: Blood sugar monitoring should be done at Least 5 times a day (in the morning to get your fasting rate, an hour after you eat each meal and at night before going to bed) with a blood level measurement device.

Exercise: Besides diet, regdar waLks are very important.

Insulin: Blood sugar levels of most patients with gestationaL diabetes, can be brought under controL with diet and exercise. With others who have high level blood sugars insulin is introduced. Insulin is safe for the mother and fetus. In patients with no pre pregnancy diabetes insulin is discontinued after birth.

Can A Diabetic Woman Get Pregnant?

• If there is no advanced kidney or eye damage due to diabetes, no ischemic heart disease she can get pregnant.

• Diabetes does not impede pregnancy. However, a diabetic patient must get under a doctor’s care months in advance (at Least 3 months) and sugar controLLing shouLd begin. If pregnancy occurs whiLe bLood sugar LeveLs are high, risk of an anomaLy in the baby increases, unwanted circumstances can occur during pregnancy and birth.

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