How Does Gamma Knife Perfexion Work?

In Gamma Knife PERFEXION Radiosurgery, from a cobalt source, 201 high-energy beams are sent to the target marked in definite borders with high sensitivity. Variance in configuration is possible with distinctly moving sectors and collimators in different diameters, and, therefore, shape and dose of beams are optimized to affect only the target, without any damage on surrounding tissues. By this treatment, DNA of tumor or lesion cells are degraded and after the cell loses its survival ability, it goes through apoptosis. Decrease in normal tumor cell growth rate results in shrinkage of tumor in time and enables taking it under control. In vascular diseases, the same application causes thickening in vein wall and, eventually,embolism, leads to the closure of vascular malformation.
Shrinkage of tumor or closure of vascular lesions take a certain time. In benign tumors and vascular diseases,it generally takes 18-months to 2-years; on the other hand, in malignant tumors and metastasis cases, since the growth rate is greater, it takes only a few months to obtain a good result. In functional diseases cases, as the objective is to make an ablation by creating a small-size lesion in the target site of the brain, higher dose of beam is sent to this target cells whic has slow cell growth rate. This lesion created by the application disrupts abnormal transmission and treats the functional diseases and symptoms such as movement disorder, pain or epilepsy.

Accustic Schwannomas

Because of its location nearby brainstem, cranial nerves, auditory system, cerebellum and vital vascular structures, surgery for these tumors is somehow a risky method all the time. Especially facial nerve damage is a surgical complication observed up to 40 per cent of the cases. By Gamma Perfexion Radiosurgery method, level of facial nerve damage is downgraded while protecting the auditory system. It is also used in post-operative residual tumors and recurrent cases.

Arterio-Venous Malformations

They are the main group of intra-cranial vascular lesions treated with Gamma Knife Perfexion. In Group Florence Nightingale NeurologicSciences Center, all treatment methods are readily available in arterio-venous malformation cases such as surgical resection, endovascular intervention and Gamma Knife. However, the combination of these methods provide more succesful results.

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