Vitrectomy is surgery to remove some or all of the vitreous humor (intraocular gel) from the eye. The surgeon enters into the vitreous humor through 3 holes to gain an access to retinal layer. These there holes are used to pass a light through to illuminate inside the eye, a special probe to cut and vacuum the vitreous, and a port delivering fluid to keep the intraocular pressure at a homogeneous level. The holes are approximately 1 mm in size. It is a highly delicate procedure and performed by vitreoretinal surgeons. Vitrectomy is performed by a team of highly experienced surgeons in vitreoretinal field at our clinic.

The most common indications include diabetic retinopathy, vitreous hemorrhage, retinal membranes, macula hole, age-related macula degeneration, and retinal decollement. Special probes are available for each indication. The surgeon may use different instruments depending on the case. After removing the intraocular gel, air, expandable gas, liquid, or silicone oil may be delivered into the eye depending on the surgeon’s decision.

Vitrectomy is a radical surgical procedure and offers a significant solution in cases which are impossible to treat medically, require a quick action, or in an advanced stage.

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