Multidisciplinary Tumor Board

  • Consultant Lecturers.
  • Our Doctors professionalized in Clinical, Imaging and Pathology.
  • It is realized with the contribution of the Lecturers and specialty students of the Bilim University.

In our council, it is aimed to evaluate not only the patient receiving diagnosis-treatment from our hospital but also the patient being followed outside of our hospital with their different features.

You can also apply to different views about treatment and follow-up of your patient by sending us clinical data and imaging finding of your patient that you want to be argued.

Your participation and contribution to our council is very important for us.

Important note : We kindly request from you to inform the Tumor Council Secretary about the patient file including clinical and laboratory finding of the cases that you want to be argued a day ago. 
Out tumor councils are made Conference Hall of our Hospital on ground floor.

Tumor Councils

In our Tumor councils consisting of consultant lecturers and doctors in the fields of Medical Oncology, radiation oncology, general surgery, mammaplasty, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Pathology, Medicinal Genetics, the decisions are taken in the light of guides and the last scientific studies by taking into consideration situation of the patient and the stage of the disease 

Our council is open to not only the doctors of our Group Hospital but also other doctors who want to receive opinion about oncology and in our council the organization and the system is arranged specifically, they are coming together each week as General Tumor Council, Lung Tumors Council, Breast Neoplasm Council, Neurooncology Tumor Council, and Genitourinary Tumors Council.

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