Radiation and You


This book is meant to answer any questions related to radiation therapy. External beam radiation, the general side effects, support treatments, and includes information on other topics. Of course every individual is different. Your treatment team will explain to you your own treatment plan. Your treatment will be informed about the possible side effects of early and late. Questions on your message to your team are always a treat.

Treatment Team

Doctor who specializes in treating radiation oncologist radiation. Spaces, and whether the treatment plan you will receive radiotherapy dose will manage the land. Also take care of your care during the medical treatment radiation oncologist at the same time. People in other parts of the booklet mentioning that the only "doctor" referred to.

Radiation Technician treating radiation is one who practices daily. Radiotherapy Technologist is the person who graduated from High School. Technician you will provide ongoing training during treatment. Position of the set-up required for your treatment, day treatment, giving 'deem, which makes electronic portal images to verify the accuracy of treatment areas pulls and inform the doctor if necessary.

Expert in Radiophysics account of treatment by physical persons. They are also responsible for the safety of radiation and device settings.

Dosimetrists bilgisiyarlı tomography planning and treatment plans that help you during the preparation and the ones related to transfer data between machines, radio physics expert shall assist.

Nurse helps you in your treatment side effects of radiation. Nurse to support you during your treatment works in close contact with the doctor. People in other parts of the booklet mentioning that only the "nurse" referred to.

Other health care professionals are also available to help you. For a complete list, see Personal Patient Information Directive.

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