Psychological Support in Cancer Patients

Psychological support to cancer patients, treatment is an integral and inseparable part of the disease, physical therapy complement. Personalized cancer disease, disease type, stage, depending on the psycho-social environment with the potential to cause psychological difficulties and disorders with the highest disease groups. Psychological support initiatives in cancer counseling or psychotherapeutic training to develop ways of coping with the behavior of the systemic efforts.

The overall objective morale, increase self-confidence and the ability to cope, to reduce distress and mental health problems. Resentment,

anger, guilt feelings and reactions to be expressed freely and to encourage the discussion of ideas related to the disease, improve quality of life by providing psychological and social cohesion, the patient, family, and also aims to strengthen the interaction between the areas of social interaction between.

Psychological support positive changes in subsequent depression fear and anxiety associated with decreased level of the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, and it monitors the affected areas, the establishment of a new equilibrium. Thus, the immune system is suppressed becomes loose and fall in the production of abnormal cells. Drug therapy, radiation therapy and surgery to reduce the abnormal cells as well as various treatment methods, although a positive attitude and desire to live, to increase the effect of any kind of treatment.

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