Pretreatment Fertility Sparing Approaches

Not been completed or have children at younger ages, and especially the family of a woman or man can damage reproductive cells of oncology treatment and then may not have the chance to have children with their own cells.

With the increasing success of oncology therapies survival after treatment, the chances of having a child and oncology specialist obstetrician and the options for this should be to share with their patients and to inform the oncology as a matter that should be considered when making treatment plan takes place as an ingredient.

For this purpose, what is the effect of fertility treatment? What is the chance of survival? Which cancer treatment will be done? If the patient age is proper, storage of which type of cell that can bring a high chance? Stored in the cells treated with the risk of recurrence of breast cancer after the transplant when the Rise?  Answers to the questions can be determined by patient, the oncologist and gynecologist (reproductive medicine specialist) together.

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