Biopsy specimens and/or paraffin blocks investigated and diagnosed by another laboratory are reviewed in our Pathology laboratory for further specific investigations such as Molecular Pathology and for diagnosis revision.

Due to the fact that different genetic changes may occur in each particular patient in various cancer types, detecting these changes in patient’s tumor is required to determine the prognostic (process and the period) and predictive (about the response to the treatment) features of the cancer.

Some of these tests are run in our laboratory with methods such as immunohistochemistry and immufluorescence which can be performed automatises or manual.

Due to the fact that some of the gene mutations are investigated only in National Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Center, patient’s paraffin blocks are reviewed and the most appropriate part of the specimen is selected, prepared and transferred to this center to be investigated.

All molecular tests for the disease and tumor typing purposes are operated successfully in our laboratory.
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