Ocular Prosthesis

An ocular prosthesis is made of particular materials to regain aesthetical appearance of those who have lost their eye for various reasons.

An ocular prosthesis can be directly purchased, or you can have it made customized. Customized prosthesis is made by special centers. First, some measurements are taken including socket, color and diameter of the eye then the ocular prosthesis is prepared by special and biocompatible materials, resembling the healthy eye.

The patient might have lost an eye for various reasons including an accident, congenital, and after a surgical procedure.

The major problem with an ocular prosthesis is the compatibility of mobility. Currently, it is possible to achieve successful mobility of an ocular prosthesis by special materials such as hydroxyapatite and the insertion techniques. An experienced surgeon in oculoplastic surgery must prepare and implant the ocular prosthesis because a shrunken eye (phthisis bulbi) and total loss of an eye require different techniques of prosthesis. It involves making the surgical eye socket suitable for the prosthesis. The patient is postoperatively given a short training to wear and remove the prosthesis by themselves.

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