Most of us have periods of mild or extreme fatigue or tiredness. It is in our hands to heal them by listening to our bodies...

Sleep: The importance of 6-8 hours of nightLy sLeep is very important for heaLth. Attention shouLd be paid to keeping reguLar bedtimes and wake times because not getting good quaLity sleep can cause these:

• Disruption of the immune system.
• Triggers stress reLated heart, bLood pressure and stomach probLems.
• Weakens memory and causes distractibiLity.
• Makes one prone to diabetes and weight gain.
• In experiments done on animaLs, it is seen that it increases tumor progression 2-3 times.

Alcohol: ALcohoL causes untimeLy dozing off and waking up in the middLe of the night. The body needs 2 hours, the brain needs 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Water: We have heard that we have to drink 3 Liters or so of water for heaLth benefits. There is no scientific basis for this.

The amount of water and salt heaLthy peopLe Lose sweating vary depending on the physicaL activity they do, their metaboLic rate and LeveL of their kidney functions.

Feeling thirsty is the most important indicator.

UsuaLLy dark urine, dryness of the mouth and skin indicate dehydration. The urine must be paLe yeLLow in coLor. Even a smaLL amount of dehydration (around 2-5%) causes arteriaL bLood pressure to drop and Lack in transportation of sufficient food and oxygen to tissues. As a resuLt, fatigue, headache, muscLe pain and Lack of energy deveLop.

Coffee: Stop drinking coffee 4 hours prior to bedtime. Since it causes water Loss, drink a gLass of water beforehand.

Organic food: ALmonds, waLnuts, sheLLfish, dark red fruits, dark chocoLate are the first choices to be preferred when feeling weariness. Red meat, consumed cooked rare, thanks to the Coenzyme-Q10, vitamin B12 and mineraLs it contains, WİLL heLp make you feeL better.

Vitamin D: It is not possibLe to get more than 5-10% of the daiLy requirement of vitamin D from food sources aLone. It is very cLoseLy reLated to muscLe, bone, brain and nerve system, metaboLism, thyroid, immune system, ovary, digestion, and prostate functions. Since the body is not abLe to produce its own vitamin D other than when exposed to summer sun, its deficiency is most common. In order to prevent energy Loss and weakening of the immune system; heaLthy sunbathing during summer and taking suppLements, if bLood LeveLs are Low, during winter; are musts to keep the vitamin D LeveLs at a normaL LeveL.

Bottom Line: We must not forget moderation in everything.

Group Florence Nightingale Hospital's Health & Magazine - Number : 5

Date 11/14/2016
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