Medical Oncology

At the Oncology Department of Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital, both solid tumors and Hematological diseases are diagnosed and accordingly treated. The department is the first special cancer center with world standards in Turkey. It is an experienced and institutionalized cancer center along with the advanced diagnosis and treatment opportunities. Giving service with lecturers and expert doctors, our center works in cooperation with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York and Istanbul Bilim University. In our center beside the chemotherapy antibody treatment, chemotherapy and target-driven personal treatment are applied.

In Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital Advanced Oncology Center cancer check-up is made by expert oncologists, thus disease can be diagnosed before it occurs or in early period.

Physiological support is given to our patients by our psychologist specialized in cancer patients. Our dieticians apply exclusive diets to our cancer patients where needed.

Necessary education forms about all the treatments applied to our patients are given; both oral and written informing and education are provided. Discussing meeting is about the patients followed with other departments and treatment protocols are generalized with approaches relying on scientific proofs in multidisciplinary Tumor Councils.


Chemotherapy and immunotherapy are carried out with target-driven treatment by using the most current method, devices and equipments together with our experienced oncologic nurses.

There are eight chemotherapy chairs in Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital Medical Oncology Department. These patients can stay with their companions. In our unit chemotherapy medicines are prepared by our expert pharmaceutics in special cabinet. Medicine treatments of the patients are applied by our experienced nurses with the control of oncologists. Thus chemotherapy is given without need for staying in hospital. Treatment can be applied in units with bed for patients who need. Chemotherapy Unit is next to the Intensive Care Unit, there is confidence and comfort environment provided by the fact that in case of an emergency, an intervention can be performed.

In our Hematological Oncology Department, lymph cancer and blood cancers such as lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and leukemia are diagnosed and their treatments are made. Blood diseases except from cancer such as Mediterranean anemia, thrombocyte deficiency, lococyte diseases can be diagnosed and treated by hematology doctors in the same department. Moreover, aspiration and biopsies of bone marrow are made and certain diagnosis can be reached by this way.

Target-driven Treatment

All genetic tests for the target-driven treatments are made in our Molecular Oncology laboratory, performed on the pathology candle blocks taken from tumor. These tests with increasing number for each year provide us to give true chemotherapy, protect from undesirable effects or treatment delays arising from improper chemotherapy.

  • K-Ras mutation test: In order to be able to use the medicine named Cetuximab for the patients with colon cancer, this mutation is examined. If the mutation does not exist, the medicine is not beneficial for the patient.
  • B-Raf V600E Mutation Test: This mutation searched in malign melanoma exists in 40 per cent of patients. If the mutation exists, the medicine named vemurafanib provides to use this medicine in a way that target-driven without need for chemotherapy.
  • Her-2(c-Erb2): This gene which is positive among the 20 per cent of the patient with breast and stomach cancer is examined in tumor block. If it is found positive target oriented medicine named trastuzumab is the most appropriate group for these patient and it is quite beneficial.
  • EGFR analysis: It gives opportunity to us the target-oriented medicine named erlotinib if the mutation is positive in patient with lung cancer. There remains no need for chemotherapy.
  • EGFR gene amplification: EGFR gene amplification provides opportunity to target-driven treatment named ie nimotuzumab in head-neck and brain tumors.
  • C-Kit Mutation: It is examined in tumor block in order to calculate the dosage of the medicine named imitanib and determine the sensitiveness to another medicine in gastrointestinal stromal tumors.
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