Comparison of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery with Open Surgery

 Advantages of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

  • It is completed at a single session in a day.
  • It could be applied in cases with no surgical possibility.
  • High sensitivity method for targeting.
  • Minimal risk compared to normal surgery.
  • Easy treatment with no pain.
  • Patient could turn back to daily routine immediately.
  • It could be repeated as needed.
  • There is no doubt open surgery could not be replaced with Gamma Knife surgery and actually there is not such kind of objective, on the contrary they are surgical methods completing each other. Some of the lesions are more suitable for Gamma Knife Surgery while some are more suitable for open surgery.

In some cases, both of them need to be applied. For instance, in case of larger tumors, a two-stage planned procedure could be applied and the volume of lesion could decreased and tumors, unreachable or irrecevable due to their location, could be treated with Gamma Knife Surgery.
In the cases that Gamma Knife Surgery could be applied; regarding the comfor of patients and tretment expenses, Gamm Knife Surgery is more preferable as compared to open surgery. For sure, patients will prefer a non-blood, non-pain and non-anestheisa treatment method

Indications Treated with Gamma Knife Treatment

Hpophysis Adenomas

Hypophysis adenomas are treated by Gamma Knife Perfexion. Along with primary tumors, in residual and recurrent tumors, treatment could be planned by protecting the optical nerves, stalk and normal tissues.Cavernous sinus involvement, requiring an extremely risky surgery, is the first preference especially in case of carotid filtrating adenomas.


Arising from cerebral cortex, mostly benign tumors that reside in risky areas for surgical removal. It is possible to treat these tumors by Gamma Knife Perfexion Radiosurgery method. In large meningioma cases, following the maximum surgical resection, application of Gamma Knife Perfexion Radiosurgery on the risky located tumors has been a popular method in recent years, and accepted as low complication- method. In addition, it is actively used in treatment of recurrent meningioma cases.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

The treatment of trigeminal neuralgia causing serious facial pain could be done through Gamma Knife Perfexion Radiosurgery method. The other therapy methods intended to this disease (microvascular decompression, percutaneous retrogasserian RF and compression, local injections etc.) are applied in Group Florence Nightingale.

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