Clinical Laboratory

Two basic services are provided by Clinical Laboratory in Comprehensive Cancer Center :

  • All routine tests necessary for the evaluation and follow-up of the general health situation of our cancer patients.
  • All tests for the screening, diagnosis and the treatments of neoplastic disease.

About 1000 different tests and analysis are performed in our clinical laboratory. All these tests are effective on the clinical care and treatment of out cancer patients. In order to carry out these large scale and high numbered tests successfully, automatized analyzers and high level technology devices, which is directly connected to laboratory computer systems, are used in our laboratory. Analytical processing is carried out by the highly educated and certificated operators.

Our device systems and test methods are inspected and applied in accordance with international quality standards and rules. Precision and accuracy of the test results of our laboratory, which is a member of the international quality control programs, are evaluated and documented by the international organizations whose center is located in USA. And together with our hospital, all of our laboratory services have been accredited at international level by the Joint Commission International (JCI). All laboratory test results of our patient are evaluated by our experts who has had international education, training and experiment. Our Microbiology Laboratory is maintaining an active infection control program involving all hospital areas.
All blood products to support our cancer patients receiving treatment medically or surgically from our hospital, are provided by our Blood Center.

Our clinical laboratory has a multidisciplinary organization structure including the departments mentioned below:

  • General Services (phlebotomy, collection and preparation of the samples, emergency services)
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Hematology
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Blood Transfusion

General Services

In our general services department, sample collection and preparation which are necessary for the labarotory tests are maintained. All samples necessary for laboratory tests run from blood, urine and stools are coordinated by our staff in this department. Venous and capillary blood samples are taken by our specially educated phlebotomists and nurses.

Clinical Biochemistery
The fundamental aim of our clinical Biochemistry Laboratory is to provide the services necessary for the diagnosis and clinical care of our cancer patients in short periods and in the most economical way.

Our Laboratory activities about the patient care are gathered in these fields: Broad Scoped Clinical Chemistry, Urine and Stools, Immunochemistry, Coagulation, Therapeutic, Medicine Analysis, Body Fluids (brain- spinal fluid, pleura, peritoneum, synovial, salivary etc.) and specific biochemistry laboratory analysis. In this laboratory yearly almost 600.000 tests and analysis are carried out.

In the scope of broad scoped chemical analysis, there are all analysis made within the urine and body fluids and various routine analysis for enzymes, electrolytes, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates.

Specific biochemical laboratory analyses consist of electrophoresis, indications of isoenzymes, measuring the immunoglobulin, typology of abnormal immunoglobulin, immune investigations involving various hormone and tumor indicators. There are also chairside analysis such as blood gases, coagulation tests and cytologic diagnosis investigations in this group.


Analysis in the scope of hematology and Coagulation Laboratory Services are made in automatize system with high technology. The most detailed information about cellular elements in blood such as number and the composition of the white blood cells, number and quality of the red blood cells and number and size of the thrombocyte. Coagulation tests help to calculate the ability of the blood to clot quantitatively. In the case that when it is necessary to make quick decision for some test parameters about the treatment and care of our patients, emergency services are given.

Morphological evaluations of the cells in peripheral blood and body fluids are made in a detailed way in our laboratory where monthly almost 10,000 hematology tests are made. And, description, characterization and categorization of atypical cells in peripheral blood and bone marrow are carried out by our hematology experts. Beside, our hematology experts provide consultations about the esoteric laboratory tests for description and categorization of the coagulation abnormalities of our patients.


In our clinical Microbiology Laboratory, all services for diagnosis in all microbiology fields including isolation and description of all pathogenic organisms (aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, mycobacterium, parasites, fungi and virus) are given. And, in vitro sensitiveness data about the serological services and all important bacterial isolates for the diagnosis in order to make the documentation of the infection diseases is obtained. Our Microbiology laboratory provides supervision data and broad scoped training services to our clinical departments in order to document nosocomial infection ratio.

Blood Transfusion

Our Blood Transfusion center gives a multifunctional service. In this department there are blood transfusion laboratory and HLA laboratory. The aim of this center is to provide the effective, reliable and consistent diagnosis which helps our doctors make the most appropriate decision for the treatment and the care of each patient.

In our blood transfusion center all blood and blood products required for oncological patients particularly in support treatment are provided. In our center transfusion preparation of featured products such as whole blood, erythrocyte suspension, trombocyte suspension, fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate, granulocyte suspension and, Hepatitis, HIV, CMV and RPR test and histocompatibility test are made. Scanning tests about the infection diseases are made in serology laboratory.

Thanks to all these overall and detailed laboratory services, the most effective diagnosis and treatment support is provided to oncology patients in Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital comprehensive Cancer Center and the center gives services in a close cooperation and connection with medical and surgical units.
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