Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is performed to compensate for insufficient development of the breast tissue; either since adolescence or for volume loss due to reasons such as pregnancy, weight loss or hormonal changes. The insufficient volume may also be accompanied with sagging of the breast. Breast augmentation surgery with implant can be performed for all ages above 18.

Today the most widely used and most secure method of breast augmentation, is augmentation with implants. Although silicone implants are the most commonly used, implants filled with saline solution or hydrogel are also available. However, no matter what the content is, the outer wall of all implants are made of silicone. Silicone implants have been used without problems for over 40 years by millions of women.

The world's most widely used and new generation implants of today are the silicone implants with the cohesive silicone gel inside. The new generation of implants are secure not only in terms of their content, but also their outer wall which does not cause any leakage. In our Hospitals, our surgeons use best silicone implants, Mentor, from the USA.

There are 2 types of breast implants, round or anatomical (drop-shaped). In most cases, Patient can decide on which of those two types of implants are to be used during the Surgery. However depending on the patient's morphology, breast structure, thickness of the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue, surgeon might recommend the patient to use the type that will be more appropriate. Regardless of whether the breast implants are round or drop-shaped, their outer walls may be smooth or rough. The decision to use implants either with smooth or rough outer surface is made during the consultation with the Surgeon.

Breast implants may be inserted from 3 different region; lower breast, nipple or axilla. The implants are inserted either above the muscle tissue (just posterior to the breast tissue) or under the muscle tissue. The location where the implants are inserted will be determined after taking cosideration of patients anotomical structure and also the technical preference of the surgeon.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed under generalanesthesia and duration of the surgery is 1 to 1,5 hours. Generally 1 night of hospitalization is required. After the operation, the patient are recommended to wear sports bra which doesn't include metal armature.

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

In order to provide reference in terms of the breast tissue of the patient, the surgeon might ask Patient to have mammography. If the patient is above 35 years old or below 35 years old but has breast cancer history in her first-degree relatives, mammography is requested. In some cases, Breast USG may also be required.

Starting from 15 days before the surgery, Aspirin or any anticoagulator should not be used. Also antiinflammatory medications, Omega – 3 capsules, green tea or herbal teas should not be consumed 1 week before the surgery.
Giving up or reducing smoking several days before surgery is also recommended.

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