Ataşehir Florence Nightingale Hospital

Pursuant to the principle of “Patient Satisfaction”, Ataşehir Florence Nightingale Hospital, 7 th link of the chain of Grup Florence Nightingale Hospitals, offers modern, reliable and high quality healthcare.

Ataşehir Florence Nightingale Hospital renders a wide range of services, thanks to its pediatric and adult emergency services, ambulance services, surgeries equipped with state-of- the-art technologies, adult and newborn intensive care units, preventive medicine measures, outpatient and inpatient treatment services, screening centers, and laboratory units.

Having been rendering in numerous branches thanks to its recognition particularly in the fields of women’s and children’s health, and laparoscopic surgery to date, the hospital incorporates such advanced technological equipments as Da Vinci Robotic Surgery, Centaur Spine Robot, alongside its specialized staff.

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