April 1 to 7 Cancer Week 

Cancer is a disease that can be prevented! Early diagnosis is life saving!

Properties of the tissues of the body, except for one change in one or a few cells show normal and caused by uncontrolled proliferation of cancer, is one of the most important diseases of our time as well as all over the world, and ranks second among causes of death in our country. The majority of deaths due to cancer of uncontrolled proliferating cell populations that formed the vital organs from damage or dysfunction develops, caught an early stage of the disease to be treated is vital. Screening and early diagnosis methods have been developed for this purpose. This is an important public health problem attracting the attention of the society to raise awareness for cancer in the first week of April, "Cancer Week," the various activities carried out under the heading. In this way, the interest and awareness to battle cancer is to be kept alive.

Of the basic methods of treatment of cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormonal therapy means. Determining the molecular characteristics of cancer cells developed in recent years and targeted therapies, offering individualized treatment and intelligent molecules completely changed the natural history of the disease. Updated every day with the increase in cancer treatments, such as hypertension or diabetes is a chronic disease state, efforts began to bear fruit. However, in spite of all these developments, the cancer is still a deadly disease continues to take the first place among the causes of death.

At this point, an important point to take care of the cancer treatment, it is important that prevention and early diagnosis of cancer. Smoking, unbalanced diet, obesity, and cancer-causing factors are exposure to sunlight uncontrolled 90% are. For this reason, no smoking, if the immediate release of smokes, preferring natural and balanced diet, and regular exercise to be given more weight, optimal use of sunlight and extreme protection from cancer kaçılmaması the main measures to be taken.

At least ‘cancer prevention’ is as important as an other concept is ‘early diagnose’. In contrast to the usual belief in the society, if the cancer is diagnosed early its entirety a disease that can be treated. With few exceptions, almost all types of cancer, early detection of the disease is useful. Nowadays, a lot of the increase in advances in diagnosis, type of cancer earlier allows evredeyken yakalamanmasına. For this purpose, the most common types of cancer, breast, cervix (cervical), prostate, skin and colon-rectum (bowel) cancer screening programs for many years been used in our country and around the world. With very simple and economic investigations mammography, Pap tests and PSA tests which can be taken out once a year, early diagnosis and definitive treatment of breast, cervical and prostate cancer is possible. However, both men and women to apply periodic fecal occult blood test and endoscopy (colonoscopy), colon-rectal cancer, dermatological examination regularly enables the early diagnosis of skin cancer.

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